Pava’s belt and more vest details

Harness and gloves


The webbing looks like it might not be the common nylon we assumed it was. The white webbing on the vest has a texture that does resemble twill tape more. Now that I look at it, not so sure about gray harness webbing either.

The “chap” has an outer side seam and it’s lined up perfectly with the suit’s seam. That makes cutting them from an existing suit and placing them to be sewn down pretty easy. You can just barely see the waist seam where the white vest webbing meets the gray of the belt.

There’s definitely padding going on in the inner layer of the vest – look at that, it’s like a windbreaker. Also confirms that the lower part of the vest does extend upward under the collar.

This is also the best look so far at the elusive nested pockets. You can see under the webbing that there is a rectangular pocket built into the upper leg pocket. As if the three-dimensional pocket design wasn’t enough fun, there’s a mystery pocket stuck in there too. Nice decorative horizontal stitching on the main pocket as well.



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