Good: costume designers user off the rack items.

Bad: By the time we see the costume, the off the rack items are out of season, out of production, and off the clearance racks.

In the case of TFA pilot gloves, the models used appear to be Southcombe Brothers police riot gloves. The company is based in the UK and makes protective gear for various purposes. The key things about the pilot gloves are the rectangular pads on top of each finger, the back of the hand, and the three long ones on the gauntlet that extends back over the wrist.



The main model in the movie appears to be the M300 Public Order Gauntlet. These aren’t available anymore and have been replaced by this model with a wrist strap and this one with an elastic wrist. Either has potential for modification by adding a correct leather gauntlet and wrist pads.

There are a couple of variations used in the film – some have a solid pad on the thumb and others have a split pad but the rest of the features stay pretty consistent.


Close up of glove from the Poe Fathead wall decal
Close up of glove from the Poe Fathead wall decal – note the split thumb pad


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