The eternal question

Is it orange? Red? Reddish orange? Orangered? Lightish red?

The figures aren’t even consistent.

This one looks really red.


This one looks more orange, like the original trilogy suits.

The Vanity Fair photoshoot that was the source of some of our best detail shots isn’t very much help because of the heavy use of filters and post-processing. Even photos taken of the traveling costume exhibit have been problems due to lighting.

Close comparison with the screen-used and weathered suit seems to match Pantone’s Rooibos Tea, so that’s what I’m going to shoot for.


2 thoughts on “The eternal question

  1. I like that Rooibos Tea. Color looks exactly like the Solar Cherry I found at JoAnn… Well maybe a shade darker. Thinking cotton over polyethylene then?

    1. I’m checking out the Solar Cherry as soon as I get to a JoAnn. I think the screen used ones were probably synthetic or at least coated. Cotton would be nice for comfort but a synthetic would probably get closer to the actual texture and I wouldn’t have to worry as much about shrinking.

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